13th IEA Council Elected 2022-2024

Back Row: Felix Chua, Sam Ong (President), Nelson Lim, Peter Koh (1st Vice President), Shaw Yong (2nd Vice President), Mohamed Anis (2nd Assistant Honorary Secretary), Shawn Tan (2nd Assistant Honorary Treasurer)
Front Row: Edward Wang, Jeff Foo (Honorary Secretary), Francis Foo (1st Assistant Honorary Treasurer), Benny Wong (1st Assistant Honorary Secretary), Doreen Tan, Justinn Lee, Victor Wee (Immediate Past President), Clarence Chiong (Honorary Treasurer), Chris Koh


IEA Secretariat is delighted to announce and present the 13th Council made up of 16 Council Members who will lead IEA into its next chapter beginning 1st May 2022 ending on 30th Apr 2024.

Sam Ong, property industry veteran with more than 20 years under his belt, has been elected as the President to lead the 13th Council in charting IEA’s growth in the coming 2 years. Sam Ong will be assisted by Jeff Foo, re-elected as the Honorary Secretary, and Clarence Chiong as the Honorary Treasurer. Peter Koh and Shaw Yong have been elected as the 1st and 2nd Vice President respectively to work with Sam. Benny Wong and Mohamed Anis have been elected as 1st and 2nd Assistant Honorary Secretary respectively to work with Jeff, while Francis Foo and Shawn Tan, 1st and 2nd Assistant Honorary Treasurer to work with Clarence. Previous acting President of 12th Council Victor Wee would be staying on as Immediate Past President.

Chris Koh, Doreen Tan, Felix Chua, Nelson Lim, Edward Wang and Justinn Lee are elected to make up the rest of the council as Ordinary Council Members. Among the Council Members are 2 new faces, Edward Wang and Justinn Lee.

Also appointed are Herman Yeo and Albert Yeo who will be scrutineers of the 13th Council throughout 2022-2024.

IEA Secretariat wishes the 13th Council all the best in their upcoming endeavour.



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