IEA is the national real estate organization which was formed in 1998 through the merger of 3 real estate bodies, namely the Association of Singapore Realtors (ASR), the Association of Singapore Real Estate Agents (ASREA) and the Society of Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers Accredited Estate Agents (SOCREA).

The mission of IEA is to represent the real estate profession. It’s aim is to be the voice of the real estate agents, and also, to be their professional platform. Its object is to promote and advance the interest of its members as well as to protect the interest of the public in the engagement of members for real estate services.

IEA SingaporeSince its formation, IEA has conducted real estate certification programmes for its members ; such as Certified Estate Agents (CEA) Course, the National Skills Recognition System (NSRS) Training & Evaluation , Common Examination for House Agents (CEHA), Pre-CEHA Courses, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses. These training courses have enabled its members to be kept abreast of estate agency practices, code of conduct and ethics as well as current property rules, regulations and government policies.



Membership of IEA is by Individual Agents
 No Corporate Membership
No estate agency, big or small has Monopoly of IEA
IEA is your Voice, your Platform & your Window to the many opportunities in the real estate arena
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  1. Career / Business Development
    • Organize activities to promote membership;
    • Activities include local business opportunities, dissemination of information, advertising guidelines, media rationalisation and standards of practice.
  2. Agents Course(s) required for licensing and registration
    • Administer RES and REA Courses
  3. Conference
    • Organize internal and local conferences to encourage public participation and interaction among Members of the real estate profession.
  4. Professional Development (CPD)
    • Organize for talks, seminars and workshops for Members so as to upgrade their skills and knowledge in the practice of the real estate profession and in line with new regulatory framework.
  5. Dinner and Dance
    • Programme includes presentation of IEA Realtor Awards.
  6. Examination (Membership)
    • Process membership applications and appoint panels of interviewers for the purpose of interviewing prospective Members.
    • Implemented the Basic Real Estate Course (BREC) to provide members with a certain level of proficiency on documentation of Tenancy Agreement and Option To Purchase and IEA Code of Conduct & Ethics.
  7. Information
    • Develop, maintain and updating of website, IT tools and services and E-commerce, etc.
  8. International Affairs
    • Develop, maintain liaison and forging closer ties with international affiliates and exploring overseas business, promote trade exchanges and career advancement opportunities for Members.
  9. Legislation
    • Review existing documents pertaining to the Institute and study any proposed legislation affecting estate agents and agencies and make the appropriate recommendations to the Council.
  10. Library
    • Acquire and organize collection of relevant books, brochures and research materials for Members’ reference.
  11. Local Affairs
    • Represent the Institute in discussions and dialogues with government organisations, statutory boards and other organisations.
  12. Newsletter
    • Publication of the monthly or quarterly in-house newsletter or e-Newsletter on real estate issues, industry highlights, education and training, legal matters as well as the Institute’s activities.
  13. Public Education / Awareness
    • Arrange for and conduct public talks, road shows, workshops, seminars and lectures to members of the public to promote awareness of the role of estate agent, promoting and understanding among consumers and the public on their rights.
  14. Public Relations / Press Liaison
    • Communicate with and respond to all public queries and maintain links with the media and public relation departments of other organisations.
  15. Social Functions
    • Organise social events e.g. family day, sports and charity events and activities to promote healthy interactions among Members so as to achieve a sense of affinity with the fraternity and balanced lifestyle between work and leisure.
  16. Year Book
    • Publication of the membership directory.


The Institute will work towards forging closer ties with overseas real estate organisations. These mutually beneficially partnerships will help to provide information and promote trade exchanges between IEA and its overseas counterparts. They provide invaluable exposure for IEA and its Members in terms of expanded network of contact and perhaps new business opportunities. The collaborations provide channels for the Institute to better understand real estate agency practises in the Asian and global arena.

To date the following overseas real estate agencies have signed the Memoranda of Understanding with IEA;

1. Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents, Malaysia
2. Property Agencies Association Ltd, Hong Kong
3. Real Estate Institute of New South Wales, Australia
4. Real Estate Institute of New Zealand Incorporated
5. Real Estate Institute of Northern Territory Inc, Australia
6. Real Estate Institute of South Australia Incorporated, Australia
7. Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (Inc), Australia
8. Real Estate Institute of Tasmania, Australia
9. Society of Hong Kong Estate Agents Ltd, Hong Kong
10. The National Association of Estate Agents, United Kingdom
11. The Real Estate Institute of Queensland Ltd, Australia
12. The Real Estate Institute of Victoria Ltd, Australia
13. National Association of REALTORS (NAR), USA
14. National Board of Indonesian Real Estate Association (REI), Indonesia
15. Property Management Association of Thailand (PMAT), Thailand
16. Philippine Association of Realtors Boards, Inc (PAREB), Philippines
17. Real Estate Broker Association (REBA), Thailand

IEA is the only Cooperating Association with the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) in the Republic of Singapore.

IEA is also a member of the Real Estate Developers Association of Singapore (REDAS).

On 27 May 2001, IEA signed the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations Agreement (ICREA).

In July 2001 the IEA International Council Networking Centre was formed with the National Association of REALTORS (NAR). The focus of this International Council is to promote networking amongst its members with the foreign counterparts.

In May 2002, IEA joined the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Commercial Organisation.