(E-Learning Generic) Robots for Property Agents – I (IEA-GSCRO-01E) (Category: Problem Solving) Open Date Registration till 31 Dec 2021 * Exclusively for IEA Members *

This course, STEP INTO RPA, is intended to introduce Robots Process Automation (RPA) to property agents.  The student assumes no prior knowledge of RPA & takes a use-case approach.  It begins by defining a real-world, generic problem & how it’s solved in a non-RPA environment.  The course goes on to teach skills that enable the students to create a robot using software to automate the solution.  The course is approximately 4-hours duration.

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
1)  Understand the basics of Robotic Process Automation
2)  Identify processes which can be automated
3)  Develop & deploy basic robots independently

Course Outline
The course comprises of 4-hours of theory & labs.  Its divided into 4 different modules.  As a student progresses across modules, he builds on the skills & knowledge acquired in the previous module to learn further concepts.

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