The Mediation process is convened by a neutral third party (The Mediator) who facilities the resolution of disputes between two contending parties. Upon successful Mediation, the two (2) parties will sign a legal binding agreement.

Disputants may negotiate and are empowered with rights to finalise their desired settlement. The entire process is confidential. And all parties involved propose their own solutions voluntarily without any coercion.

Disputants are able to improve, make progress in their disputes resolution through negotiation and communication in an informal atmosphere and able to take full control in deciding the desired outcome of their final settlement.

The Mediation Board was formed pursuant to the Constitution of the Institute of Estate Agents, Singapore (IEA) in 1998. The Mediation Board comprises of 15 Members elected biennially. Following the successful amendment of its Constitution in 2010, IEA is now able to provide mediation services to non-members as long as one party to the dispute is a member.

All Mediators have gone through some form of mediation training and certified by Institute of Estate Agents, Singapore (IEA). As practitioners, they are experienced and be effective Mediators to faciliate the esolution of disputes between parties concerned.

Mediation is yet another service provided by IEA to support and promote the interests of its members. Mediation enables members to resolve disputes in simple and efficient manner by using the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process.

Contending parties or members can save money and time through Mediation process because it is more affordable as compared to litigation which involves higher costs. members’ time can be better spent in more constructive ways; for example in closing more deals.

It is a voluntary process as contending parties may walk away at any time during the mediation.

The Mediation process also has its confidentiality. It helps to prevent the loss or damage to any parties’ reputation.

IEA’s mediation process also encourages members to have more confidence in having another venue in resolving any disputes.

For more information & enquiries, please contact us via the following options:

1. Write to [email protected]
Please include the following information:

  • Name of Salesperson
  • Name of Estate Agent (agency name)
  • Contact Number
  • A Valid Email Address
  • Your Enquiry, Request or Feedback

2. WhatsApp us @ 6323 1770 during office hours
(Mon – Fri) 9.30 am – 6.00 pm

1. How do I know if my case can be mediated?
You may check with IEA Secretariat at 6323 1770 or send us your enquiries via [email protected]

2. Can I choose a Mediator from IEA?
IEA Mediation Board will appoint a Mediator to carry out the Mediation process.

3. How do I lodge my case with IEA?
You may gather the Mediation Service Application Form from IEA Secretariat located at 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, HDB Hub East Wing #07-01 Singapore 310480 OR download the Forms.Submit the original copy to IEA Secretariat after you have completed the form together with your payment. The Secretariat will contact you in 7 working days.

4. How long will the Mediation takes and how much will it cost?
The Mediation process may take up maximun 3 hours. Each party is required to pay a fee of S$100 for Mediation Service. An additional non-refundable admin fee of S$20 will be required for initiating party only.

5. What if we don’t reach a settlement stage?
Disputing parties are allowed to source other avenues to try to resolve their dispute

6. What should I do to prepare?
Make a statement of your dispute, provide or support with evidences.

7. How is Mediation different from using attorneys and/or the court?
Mediation is a cheaper and faster process to resolve dispute between both parties without incurring high legal costs and court fees. Most cases can be resolved within 2-3 hours through Mediation process.