“Recently, I have attended above Certificate course conducted by IEA and I strongly recommend it to my fellow colleagues. The knowledge provided had opened a wider scope beyond our shore. Regardless whether you are marketing Foreign Properties or not, it is good to understand the backgrounds of your foreign prospect countries if you are serving them for rental or purchases.  Understanding your clients’ needs are the keys to closing a deal. For those who are marketing Foreign Properties, this Certificate course will provide you with in-depth understanding of the estate policy, custom and culture of different countries. Therefore, armed with this knowledge as you are gaining a comparative advantage in the Real Estate industry.”

– Mr Jay Ting @ Star Project Pte Ltd

“I have been enjoying the Attendance in the course of Marketing of Foreign Properties due to the deep knowledge base of the trainers. The participants are mutual people who are willing to share their industry knowledge and experience. My fellow agents should enrol themselves in the course due to opening up of our ASEAN neighbouring countries and the mobility of working people on cross border business development by networking.” 

– Mr David Lim @ One Home Property

The course is a good introduction to understand the mechanics and complexity of other markets. Trainers are experienced practitioners who provide useful insights for better grasp of the topic. It has taught me a great deal and certainly an eye-opener to the shores beyond Singapore! I recommend for all salespersons.”

– Adrian Ho @ PropNex Realty Pte Ltd

“I attended the above course, Marketing of Foreign Properties, It is really very useful and informative. It opens up new business opportunity for Real Estate Salespersons beyond Singapore.”

– Mani Subramanian Veeramani  @ Propnex Realty Pte Ltd

“The Certificate in marketing of Foreign Properties is an excellent workshop whether you come as a plan of doing Foreign properties or still will like to do Singapore properties, I am going home empowered. I am looking forward to attending the next Foreign Properties when new countries are added. I will absolutely recommend this workshop to my agents and buddy co-broke agents to attend.”

– Vincent Ong @ KF Property Network Pte Ltd

“Thank you to attend this Certificate Course on 3 to 5 April 2017 conducted by IEA.I  have benefited these 2 and half days course to help me understand deeper on foreign properties. Cultures and Various taxes involve in selling and buying for investment and own stay retirement. It really helps me to have knowlege to advice clients and  to do due diligence check on the developers’s financial status, location details and track records of their past projects before marketing. I will recommend this course to my colleagues.”

– Jimmy Teow @ C & H Properties Pte Ltd

“Thanks for organising such a great course on Certificate in Foreign Proeprty Marketing. I have indeeed learnt much from the course and have a better understanding of many other countries that I have not dealt with. I will strongly encourage all agent who is keen on Foreign Property Marketing to take up the course.”

 Joseph Yong @ Propnex Realty

“The 2.5 days course was a very enriching experience for me to learn from the various trainers about marketing of foreign properties in Singapore. That also included staff that coordinated the entire training that make it so well organize. Thank you very much for the guidance”.

 Freddy Ong @ ERA Network Realty